Friday, 26 February 2010

To Boldly go...

Wow its been a while since i posted. lets see news, well our D&D group is on hold until joe returns from london at the end of the year. thats about it so i'm just gonna write up about some others games.

We had a cool ww1 trenches game last week, the brits narrowly won it. my forces after killing everyone near them in the trenches decide they're done for the day and go home. lazy gets. still was a good game.

Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 is still fun and entertaining. i feel like last to arrive last to leave at mo as some of my friends have stopped doing it due to glitches. its a shame that they can't sort this stuff out becuase there blind. :P i've also joined something called the Keep Everything Nice (KEN) campaign. basicly you wear the tag and act like a nice person. not hard is it. look up the ken burton show on youtube for more info.

A new game i got is star trek online an mmo (massive multiplayer online (lots of people playing at once)). its a nice game without the lag, the ship combat is good, strategic and not so repetitive that you tear your eyes out. the ground combat is also good but somewhat annoying at times. theres some of the star trek feel but not so much, there wasn't horde of ships to kill every episode and i have yet to deal with a virus on my ship that makes everyone crazy or mutagenic or dead. like i said a good game without the lag, but after 2:00pm the lag becomes so unbearable that by 4:00pm you do tear out mentioned eyes out of mentioned head. that coupled with the bugs and apparently limited content makes me rate this game 7 out of 10.

If anyone wants to join me on the amazing adventures that is star trek online let me know and i'll get you a buddy code that i'm not entirley sure what it does.

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  1. Keep Everything Nice and buy me a Pie!! Nice raed Doug, ta.