Wednesday, 6 January 2010

D&D Session 3 - Let the hunt begin! / Game updates

Ok been a while since i posted so alot to go through and to my thousands of fans, Happy New year!

We had another D&D session the other day and you could tell all that new years cheer and energy spilled over into our game. A quick recap on where they are and whats going on, our heroes have escorted princess garnet to linbulm. They had to go through super black mages created by alexandria (garnets home) for the sole purpose of destruction. Garnet fled alexandria in the hopes of getting to lindbulm. Now they are there and an interesting thing is about to start.

The cargo airship docks at the castle and our heroes are greeted by the castle guards. Garnet requests to see Regeant Cid, at which point overseer Artania steps in. After showing them proof of her heritage (a jewel pendant) She is allowed through. The guards also mention that the pendant looks like the falcons claw, coinsedence?

They are escorted to the throne room where the regeant is supposed to sit, but it is empty. However moments later an Oglop (giant cockroach) with a huge mustache and cape emerges. It seems brigands broke in and turned him into an Oglop. Garnet then asks for "Uncle Cids" help, at which point he reveals it was he who ordered Tantalus to kidnap the princess so she would be safe. Cid then thanks our 3 heroes and gives them 1000 gold each, but he also asks if they'd be interested in participating in the "Festival of the Hunt". They agree, buy new shiny toys for said festival in the city.

The festival of hunt is a competition where each participent has to kill monsters that are released into the city. Each monster is worth a certain amount of points, and whoever has the most points at the end wins the prize. Its every man for themselves, with death being ruled out and spells re-charged at the end. There are 4 types of monsters with one monster being a Big one worth a heck of a lot of points. sounds good eh, perhaps they should do summet like that in scarborough, release a load of chavs and whoever kills the most gets a £50 voucher at boots. :P

Our heroes line up before cid and see the 4th participent next to them, an eladrin warlock who asks for a book on the ability "Trance" as his reward. how weird, but no time for that as the hunt begins! They get half way through it before we have to finish, so the end results are still pending.

So thats where we are, who will win the "Festival of hunt"? Can regeant Cid help garnet stop her mother from going to war? What is "Trance" and where does the eladrin come from? is there a connection between garnets pendant and Regeant Cids "Falcons Claw? Tune in next time.

Also recently i have had a few games so i'll post a quick review of them.

Assassins Creed 2 - A good game, with a fair amount of puzzles and action, enough so it isn't repetative. The scenery of 15th century italy is stunning, very well made game. Its just its a shame it has the life span of a fish in a cat bowl but still worth playing through once.

Spore - A fun game but can be slightly tiresome at times. In this game you basically create a creature and help it evolve from an ameba to a space fairing people. the level of design means the possibilities are endless, i'm currently using a race i've made that looks like Watto from Star Wars 1 (which i didn't intend by the way).

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - If you havent played this game, you need to. The campaign was amazing, but where this game truly excels is the online, i'll never get bored of blasting people away with attack helicopters or predator missile strikes. Also the special ops gives a nice set of incredibly hard challenges to do, i doubt i'll 100% this game anytime soon.