Friday, 20 November 2009

Incredible space hulk

Before i write up what we did let me just announce, I have a job! its at the whitby disablement action group so i'm now always busy. :P

ok so the game. we did a game called "Space Hulk" made by the lovely people at games workshop. they actually got it right here as its a nice balanced game, really well made pieces, not over complicated or powerful. it cost me 60 quid but its a limited edition so its now worth double that. basic idea is its set inside a space ship called a space hulk (hence the name), its space marines vs genestealers (think aliens from erm aliens) and basicly you either have a mission or just kill em.

in this perticular one the object was escort duty (not that kind of escort). 1 squad started at one end, another squad at the other, squad 2 had to escort a tiny robot to where squad 1 came on. the aliens mission is to stop the marines from escaping with it.

it was a back and forth game, the marines managed to secure the escape corridors but there was a worry amount of aliens coming between the two squads. alot of the time the aliens were just charging the assault cannon waiting for it to run out of ammo. it of course did and the aliens managed to kill him but behind him was a battlehardened seargent with a shield, lighting hammer and enough bonus's to ensure i dont get through.

eventually the other squad managed to cut a path through the aliens to the escape route, thanks to some flamthrower action. the marines escaped with the "package" and then the hammer seargent followed. so a marine victory and a good game and since i'm working now (:P) probably the last game i'll be doing on friday for a while.

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  1. It were a right good game Jake, thanks for putting it on. And although well done for getting the job, it's a shame you'll be busy on Fridays! :-)