Monday, 28 September 2009

General game update 1

just to let you all know what some games we been doing.

the other day we did 10mm fantasy kallistra using dba rules. it was fun but was slow for quite a while, the absence of casualties i think made it slower, plus we had more figures then a traditional dba game would. it was undead with orcs vs high elves (why there high i dont know, maybe some of that elf ganja thats floating about) with humans. they had to take two buildings and whilst they managed to take one, soon regretted it as catapult fire had them running around in a panic in a small space and they were soon dead. they never even got close to the other castle.

the right batallion took ages to resolve and i dont think it fully was, the orcs-undead alliance kept coming back for more. however on the left side the undead cavalry and chariots tried desperatly to break their line but was beaten back completly. it took the intervention of some ghosties to get anywhere.

it was a good game but like i said slow. perhaps we'll use dbn rules next. we would use kallistra rulesbut theyrely on hexes and boards rules! pictures are on peelers blog soon, probably.

as for other games news Halo 3 ODST was released last week. the campaign whilst being very nice, doesn't intice you to play again, who knows maybe its because half the game you play onnear pitch black streets with red lights, hurts your head after a while. the firefight mode is pretty cool, however huge flaw, its friendslist only meaning you can only play it with other people on your F list, so limited and i dont know why they couldn't have it over live, gears of war 2 does.

also got another add on for fallout 3, mothership zeta. already had operation anchorage and broken steel, which are good but zeta is ok. you basically get abducted by aliens and have to escape, so you more or less spend the add on going to area after are killing aliens, fun but also boring after a while. the best bit in it is an alien shooting range when at a press of a button waves of random bad guys come at you. that was fun, almost as fun as the ship to ship battle at the end. overall its over priced but meh fun while it lasted.

now re-playing half life 2 for the hundreath time, never get bored of that game, also derby show this saturday and that means more spending, woohoo.


  1. Hey up Doug. I had no idea there was a new Fallout game, shows how much attention I pay eh? The game I'm most looking forward to is Smackdown vs RAW 2010 as it seems they've finally got the series back up to scratch. The other which I'm not so sure on is Gran Turismo for the PSP. It does seem a good idea but I've heard there's no career mode on it so there's arcade mode only, plenty of cars in it though. I think they said there were 800 in all. Still if I don't bother with it then it's more money for figures, HOORAH!